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4/ which he then and on all proper occasions, endeavoured to give to his transactions with the Compt, it became proper that he should make these accounts yet better known to the public as well as to the Compt & her agent. This respondent therefore about April 1850, placed his accounts, with the vouchers, &c. together with the bonds due the Compt. in the hands of his friend the late William Hutt, Esqr., with request that the accounts and vouchers should be exhibited to all who chose to examine them for the sixty days following - and of this the Compt & the public had notice. And the said John A Parker did examine the papers aforesaid whilst in the office, as will appear by the exceptions thereto set forth in the Compts Bill, written by himself. This respondent conceives, that from the commencement till the termination of his agency he did whatever it was in his power to do to make the Compt and her relatives acquainted with her business. And that no fairer mode of settlement with the Compt could be suggested. These accounts have already been examined by her agent with the vouchers before him - and exceptions thereto taken in this Bill. Yet if any errors can be found in the accounts let them be pointed out. It only remains to say on this subject, that, for reasons recently explained, no account for the year 1850 has as yet been settled. This respondent now proceeds to answer so much of the Bill as relates to his selling the Compts negroes. In January 1847, the admor de. b. n. of John Bailey, dec'd. apprised this respondent that the liabilities, the judgments & against the estate of her late husband rendered it necessary, that the Compt should refund about $2500. When informed