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5/ of the demand, the Compt. expressed great pleasure, that an opportunity was at last afforded her of relieving herself of an expensive and bothersome portion of her estate, to wit, the women and children. Her agent, the said Parker, shortly after the death of John Bailey, she informed this respondent, had offered voluntarily and without consideration to surrender these women and children to the reversioners. The Compt's only regret seemed to be, that the debts were not large enough to take all the women and children that she was compelled to rear for the benefit of those against whom she seemed to entertain the most unnatural prejudices. The Compt herself, upon this requisition of the admor, designated the women and children which she wished to be delivered to the admor - this respondent having no other agency in the selection than that of having interceded in behalf of the wife of a favourite servant. Accordingly in February, 1847, the servants were assembled in the Compt's yard, and surrendered to the admor as aforesaid. See exhibit D which contains the admors receipt for the negroes, their names, prices &c. On the [blank] day of [blank] 1849, the admor of said John Bailey also informed this respondent agent as aforesaid, that an annual amount was due Mrs. E. Newton by the estate of the Compt's deceased husband - one half of which the Compt was bound to pay. Having had a quarrel with one of her negro women she at once directed that she and her children should be surrendered to the admor in payment of this debt. Milly (negro woman and two children, together with Ann were accordingly delivered to the admor in satisfaction of his demand.