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3 D[ebtor] Mrs. Julia L. Bailey in account with 1846. amt: brought up $509.92 Dec. To amt: of l[e]vies and taxes paid the Shff. of Westm'd 12.22 " fee in chanc: cause in West'd sup. court to recover money due on division of land; writ tax 25.75 " receipt of Shff. of Westmoreland for money paid on ex[ecuti]on vs. you 51.20 " amt: paid Walter Bowie for ox returned at your request 6.00 " 625 lbs pork & salt (1 bush) furnished you 38.25 " cash paid Shff West'd on exon vs. you *18.00 " cash given Ed: Ball to go to Tappk for Mrs. Parker in your illness 50 " Cash given John Hazz and to carry servants (6) to Richmond & to pay their expenses 30.00 " cash paid for your ferriage account to date .75 " postage on two letters from Hill. 10