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The Deposition of Absalom Dudley of lawful age taken before us two of the Commonwealth's Justices of the peace in, and for the County of Campbell, agreeably to notice and pursuant to a Commission to us directed - at the Counting room of Davis, & Harvey in the Town of Marysville in the County of Campbell on this 3d day of May 1816 - to be read as evidence in the suit now depending in the Superior Court of Chancery for the Lynchburg District, wherein Benjamin Terrell Edward Terrell, David Terrell, Samuel Terrell Henry Terrell, Agatha Pullum John Richardson, and Mary his Wife, Charles Johnson, & Susanna his wife, Pleasant Arthur, Charles Arthur, Baldwin Arthur, Nancy Arthur, & Christopher Arthur are Complainants, and Patty Terrell, Edmund Herndon Joel Yancey, and Collins Bradley are Defendants. The said deponant being first duly sworn deposeth & saith, That he lived as the overseer of the defendant Bradley on the land on which it is alledged waste has been committed, during one year - That there was no timber or wood carried off the place during the whole time this deponant remained there - That so far from the said Bradley having committed waste & destruction in the timber, he did not cut down enough to fence in the ground that was cleared, or to repair the fences around the plantation - That as to the cabins said to have been pulled down by the said Bradley, their covering had fallen in, & they were in such a state of decay that they were useless, and that the defendant Bradley pulled them down and made use of the slabs which covered them, to cover some new Houses which he built upon the place - That as to the yard, it was grown up in plantain knee high, and the said Bradley had it wed out, & had wheat in it.