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the affidavit of Benjamin Butterworth taken this 30 day of November 1813 at the place & house appointed agreeable to notice given in the suit now depending in the superior court of chancery for the Richmond district between the legatees of David Terrell Dec'ed the plaintiffs in this cause and Patty Terrell Joel yancy Collins Breadley & Edmund Herndon the Defts this deponant sayeth that having been partially acquainted with the land of said Terrell for some years past, & having been requested to go over it lately finds a great alteration, the land having been cut down & the fence not in good order, the cross fences has been moved except one, that being the only dividing fence, the out fencing by no means sufficient to make a crop in except such of it as has been lately repaired, the greater part is sorry & some with a heavy coat of large saplin [sapling] brush, the land is mostly cut one piece of ground being cleared on the west side of Seneca which would have supported the plantation on that side of the creek with timber for several years, another piece being cleared on the north side, all of which lays rolling which renders the land of much less value to the legatees, there was formerly a fine meadow on said plantation, at this time it is of but very little or no account as a Meadow as there is only a very small part remaining in grass & that grown up in weeds & bushes, the houses are much abused some of the houses being strippt of their covers, & the front door of the dwelling house is off & the house mde [made] a granary of the yard which was a very hand[some]