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Question by same do you not believe that it was the intention of David Terrill from your knowledge of him that His Widdow should enjoy enjoy a comfortable suport for her life in the Land. Answer Yes Question by same do you believe that Patty Terrill after the death of her Husband could have suported herself without renting out the Land. Answer as stated in my affidavit I think the plantation left her by her Husband ^was^ sufficiently calculated by renting for a forth which is common or working her black bound boy bound to her as I am informed on the place was sufficient. Question by same Are you acquainted with Ben Terrill and Ned Terrill the complainants and do you not know or have you not heard that they have sold out their Interest in the land, and to whom they have sold. Answer I am acquainted with both never heard that Either of them had sold their Claim. Question by same Who have you heard complain of wast the legatees or Mr Hodges and who applied to you for your affidavit. Answer I have heard Edward Terrell at different times mention as complaining that there was unlawful liberties taken in Clearing the land. Charles Hodges applyed to me for my affidavit. Question by same. What is Charles Hodges, general character, and is he not considered Contentious in his neighbourhood. Answer. I have never heard any person directly say that he was a contentious man. Question by same What is Ned Terrell's character and is he not considered a contentious Bad man. Answer. not more than many other men. Question by same did you ever know or hear that I have carried of and consumed great quantities of Timber Answer No Question by same How long has it been since the greater part of the land was cleared by Mrs. Terrell and W. Yancey. Answer Six or seven years as near as I remember Question by same did you ever hear any of the legatees complain at that time of any wast or that any of them applied to the Executor about it. Answer. Yes by Edward Terrell as above stated but do not know whether he ever applyed to the Exor or not