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Question by same - did you ever Know, or ever hear that I have carried of, and consumed great quantities of timber? Answer - No - except that you might have burnt a plant patch. Question by same - How long has it been since the greater part of the land was cleared by Mrs Terrell, and Mr. Yancey Answer I really do not recollect - but suppose it must have been 6 or 7 years ago. Question by same - Did you ever hear any of the Legatees complain at that time of any waste or that any of them applied to the Executor about it? Answer - I heard Ben Terrell say that he thought it was wrong, but none of the rest, but do not know that he ever applied to the Executor Question by same - How many of David Terrell's Children live in this State that you know of? Answer -Three - Edward Terrell, Ben Terrell and Winney Moore Question by same - Did they ever speak to you about the waste charged in the Complainants Bill lately -Answer No Question by same - What have you heard William Moore Winney's Husband, say about this suit. Answer - I heard him say to day that he had nothing to do with it. Question by same - What was Patty Terrell's situation at the Death of her Husband? Answer -She had no children, and no slaves to work for her