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Question by same did you ever know or ever hear that I have carried off and consumed great quantities of timber? Question by same. How long has it been since the greater part of the land was cleared by Mrs Terrell and Mr. Yancey Answer I really do not recollect but suppose it must have been 6 or 7 years ago Question by same Did you ever hear any of the Legatees complain at that time of any waste or that any of them applied to the Executor about it? Answer I heard Ben Terrell say that he thought it was wrong but none of the rest but do not know that he ever applied to the Executor Question by same How many of David Terrell's child now live in the state that you know of? Answer Three Edward Terrell, Ben Terrell and Winney Moore Question by same Did they ever speak to you about the waste charged in the Complainants bill lately Answer No Question by same What have you heard William Moore Winney's Husband say about this suit. Answer I heard him say to day that he had nothing to do with it. Question by same What was Patty Terrell's situation at the death of her Husband? Answer She had no children and no slaves to work for her