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Question by same Do you not believe that it was the intention of David Terrell from your knowledge of him that his widow should enjoy a comfortable support for her life in the land? Answer I do they were affectionate as any couple I ever saw Question by same. Do you believe that Patty Terrell after the Death of her Husband could have supported herself without renting out the Land? Answer - I do not know of any other way she had of supporting herself, except hiring some one to tend it. Question by same - Are you acquainted with Ben Terrell & Ned Terrell the Complainants, and do you not know or have you not heard that they have sold out their Interest in the Land, & to whom they have sold. Answer - I am acquainted with them. I have heard that Ben Terrell had sold out his Interest, & that Charles Hodges was the purchaser. Question by same - Who have you hear complain of waste, the Legatees or Mr. Hodges, and who applied to you for your affidavit. Answer - I have never heard any of the Legatees complain except Ben Terrell, & that was a great while ago. Mr Hodges applied to me for my affidavit Question - What is Charles Hodges' general character, and is he not considered contentious in his neighbourhood. Answer - Not more so than a great many other men Question by same - What is Ned Terrell's character and is he not considered a contentious bad man? Answer - Not more so than other men William Harris