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The Affidavit of William Harriss Taken this 29th day of November 1813 at the Plase and House Appointed agreeable to notice given. In the suit now depending in the Superior Court of Chancery for the Richmond district Between the Legatees of David Terrell Dec'd the Pltffs in this cause, and Patty Terrell Joel Yancey Collins Bradley and Edmond Herndon the Dfts. The deponant Being call'd on to give his affidavit has thought proper to view the Land and plantation of said David Terrill Dec'd on both sides of Seneca Creek in the County Campbell.

The Deponant states that he has had a partial knowledge ot it.

Question by the plaintiff how much land do you suppose to have been cut since the Death of David Terrell. Answer I think 25 or 30 acres

Question by the same Is not the Meadow Destroyed Answer Entirely

Question by the same Do not you suppose the plantation & meadow fully sufficient for the support of Mrs Terrell Answer I do I know that David Terrel made a good living off the same.

Question by the same If you wanted to purchase the land would you give as much for it as if it not been cut Answer by no means

Question by the same If the plantation now in possession by Bradley was in good repair what would it be worth p [per] year Answer I think it must be worth sixty or seventy Dollars