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Question by the same, dont you suppose David Talley and his father to be better acquainted with the plantation than any other person Answer I think they had chance to be better acquainted than almost any person except those who have cultivated the plantation since. Question by the same. Have you seen Talleys affidavit Answer Yes Question by the same how do you think it corresponds with the situation of the place Answer I think as far as my observation extended it corresponds with the situation at present William Harris

Question by Collin Bradley one of the Defendants Was not the meadow ploughed up in David Terrell lifetime? Answer A part of it was the upper part. As to the lower part I don't know by whom it was ploughed up Question by same Do you know whether the Barn or Granary upon the place was or was not an old House, and by whom was it destroyed Answer It was an old House, but I know not by whom it was destroyed. Question by same. Whether do you think scraping out the yard before the Door to tread my wheat was any disadvantage? Answer I do not know what grew in the yard before it was wed out, therefore I cannot tell what damage it was.