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for that purpose and suppose then was not more timber on the piece of ground you cleared, their was sufficient to make the fence which encloses it and which is a very good one. Question by same. Do you know of any cross fences on the plantation in David Terrell's life time. Answer I do recollect that there was two but take notice that you have taken ^some of^ the rails and inclosed the orchard with a tolerable good fence. Question by same Do you not think that if I had been left alone I should have inclosed the plantation under a good ^fence^ that I was in a fair way to do so if I had not been stopped. Answer Yes the part you had inclosed was under a good fence, and you told us that you would have inclosed the whole if you had not been stopped. Question by same. Do you not think that it was better to inclose the whole of the land on this side of the creek, that the low grounds only? Answer I should have preferred had it been my own land to have permitted the Hill to have remained without any inclosure. Question by same. Do you discover anything like waste in tending the land? Answer I saw no waste in tending the land more than in cutting the timber and I did not discover that the timber was put to any unprofitable and but to repairing the fences