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and put in to Tobacco, in a Word the Meadow is Intirely destroyed to a Verry Small Spot which stands in Weads & Bushes and of no Earthly Value. This Deponant Being Called on to give His Affidavit has Viewed the Land and Plantation and find the Same in Verry Bad Order and a Considerable Quantity of the Land cut down and distroyed to the great Injury of the Legatees Say thirty or Forty Acres and a great part of the Same up to the Lines and the fence Round the same not Worth any thing as it never was a good one at First and at this time Covered with a Heavy Coat of Saptin [Saplin meaning "sapling"?] Brush which is of great Injury to the fence and the Dividing Fences all taken a Way and the whole plantation now in one [Interior Inclosor?] Except the Line of Old fence down the Creek which is on the north Side on the West Side of the Creek not one pannel on the Creek only from the Creek up the Hill and Round the Part Cut by Bradley, the whole of the Hill Side Cut down and Put in Tobacco, also a Verry Valuable Slash for Plant Patches now all cut down and [Work'd up?] to the great Injury of the Estate. The Wood and Timber Intieraly distroyed and no more Timber on the West Side of the Creek ever to fence the same. and this deponant thinks not more on the North Side then Would Put the Plantation under a good fence leaving out the old Rails which ought to be Taken for the dividing Fences and to Put a Fence on the Branch the Dividing line Between the Estate and Philip Payne where their is not one Panel and this deponant thinks It Would take Fifty or Sixty Panels to compleat the same. This deponant thinks their is not more Wood Land on the Tract then a Bout thirty or forty Acres and that not Well timbered a great Quantity of Young Saplings not fit for Rails In a Word the Plantation in Verry Bad Repair and all the Houses also. at the time this deponant Became acquainted with the Plantation there was a Tolerable good Grainery standing in Front of the Mansion House. Plank'd floored and which with Small Repairs might of Been a Tolerable good one at this time. this House is intirely distroyed not one piece of it Standing. The Stables a Double Barn with a Prise fixed in the Pasage all of Which Was Put on the Plantation Since this deponant Was Acquainted With the Same all distroyed and gone. The Negro Houses Kitchen &c all Strip'd of their Covering and the Houses at this time Exposed to the Weather Which Will Soon Rot them down. the Manson House in bad Repair Some of the Weather board nock'd off the Front door down and the House made a Grainery of at this time. the Cellar a Verry good one gone to destruction. the door down the yard Cut up and made a Treading yard of up to the Verry door. a Good Dary Well finished of a Good Plank floor aBove which Joel Yancy took for a Meat House - this house nearly distroyed. the floor all gone the Roof nearly down which is proped at this time and Further this Deponant Sayeth not David Talley Snr Question by C. Hodges Is the old Fence that Was on the Plantation as good Now as as It Was When your Father Rented the Same. Answer Not half as Good More then as Bad again Question by Same Is the Fence that has Been put on the Place from the time your Father it up to the time of Bradley