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did kill and murder against the peace and dignity of the Commonwealth. Whereupon the said Polly was led to the bar in custody of a Matthew Pierce Gent Sheriff of the County to whose custody for the cause aforesaid she was committed and being arraigned of the premises she said she was in nowise thereof guilty and for her trial according to the Act of the General Assembly in such case made she put herself upon the Court whereupon divers witnesses were sworn and examined and the said Polly fully heard in her own defence in consideration whereof it is the opinion of the court that the said Polly is guilty in manner and form as in the information against her is alleged and thereupon it being demanded of her whether she had or knew to say any thing for herself why the court to judgement & execution against her of and upon the premises should not proceed? she said she had nothing but what she had before said. Therefore it is considered by the court that the said Polly be hanged by the neck until she be dead and it is commanded the Sheriff that he cause execution of this judgement to be done on Friday the twenty third day of March next. The court also valued the said Polly to two hundred dollars. Copy Ro: H: Wallor C.Y.C. I do hereby certify to all whom it may concern that on Friday the 25th day of March 1798 the within named negro girl Polly was publicly executed by me agreeably to the sentence of York Court Given under my hand the 4th June 1798 George Jackson D.S. for Matthew [Purco?] Sheriff Y.C.

Rec'd a warrant for two hundred dollars for Catherine Miles Wm. Waller

The Commonwealth agst Negro Polly} Record