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To the Honl Daniel A. Wilson Judge of the Circuit Court of the County of Campbell The Bill of complaint of your Orator Fleming Saunders respectfully represents unto your Honor That by an order of the County Court of Campbell made at the October Term thereof in the year 1836. Joseph W. Scott, Henry T. Early & John B. Dabney were appointed Commissioners to allot the Slaves, which had been held by a certain Mary Watts (then deceased) during her lifetime, under the last Will & Testament of her husband William Watts, among those entitled thereto, and that the said Commissioners pursuant to the said order proceeded about the 1st of January thence went ensuring to discharge the duty which had thus been imposed on them, and assigned & allotted to a certain Martha Watts, who was entitled to one equal sixth part in value of the slaves aforesaid, a number thereof, whose aggregate appraised value was $8900, and whose names, sex & seperate valuations, will fully be shown by a copy of the said order & the report of the said Commissioners made in obedience thereto, herewith exhibited marked "A" & prayed to be considered as part of this Bill. -- Your orator further represents that the said Martha Watts was at & before the date of the said allotment, and has ever since remained of unsound mind, being wholly incapable of taking care of herself or of managing her property or business affairs of any descriptions whatever. She was living in the house & under the care of your orator, who intermarried with her Sister when the said slaves were assigned to her as aforesaid, and thus it happened that they were all left on his plantation (the said Martha owning no Land on which they could be settled) where they remained