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of the said Martha on his own hands, he was in some measure forced to hire out slaves of his own. This general recital will serve to shew to your Honor that your Orator in the case, management & raising of the said slaves has been put to great trouble, inconvenience, labor & expense. He has raised a large number of young negroes & maintained them & their mothers. There was a man named Ned, none of whose family could be hired out, whom with his wife & children, your orator some five or six years before the sale of them hereinafter mentioned, put upon a parcel of his own land which he had theretofore rented at $40 per annum, in order that they might maintain themselves, he providing them with Milch Cows & the necessary stock for working. He has taken care of & maintained others who were infirm & helpless. He has clothed the whole of them almost entirely at his own expense & he has paid a part of the fees for their necessary medical attendance. These facts your Orator is advised entitle him to compensation and he desires to obtain whatever may be reasonable & right when their truth shall have been investigated.

Your Orator has before remarked that the said Martha Watts was residing in his family. Since the death of the said Mary Watts who was his mother which occurred on the [blank] day of [blank] in the year [blank] his house has been her home. She has been fed from his table, and has exclusively occupied one room of his house. Of the necessary furniture of this room your Orator has furnished about $100 worth. He has likewise furnished a considerable part of her clothing. Her peculiar condition also made it necessary that she should constantly have two servants to attend & wait on her; seven years [ago?] your Orator purchased for her a