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woman named Juggy ^[illegible] the wife of her man Henry, to avoid a seperation between them^ at the price of $150. The habitual negligence, inattention & carelessness of negro servants, made it necessary that considerable attention should be shewn her independent of their services. This was at all times bestowed by your Orator & his family, and he is advised that for all this he is likewise entitled to compensation, and he desires to receive on this account also whatever shall be just & proper when the same is ascertained. Your Orator further represents that by an order of the County Court of Campbell made at the [blank] Term thereof in the the year 1848 the custody & control of the person & property of the said Martha Watts was committed to a certain William Watts & Edward Saunders, which said Committee by the authority & direction of the said County Court of Campbell subsequently given under the provisions of a special Act of Assembly entitled "An Act for the relief of Martha Watts" proceeded on the 20th day of November 1849 to sell all the Negroes belonging to the said Martha who had theretofore been in the custody of your Orator, who were then living except the following viz; Washington, Martha & her children Mary & Nancy and Eliza & four children ^except one other family who had been previously sold by the sd Committee in the County of Roanoke for a sum between $3 and 4000^. They were sold on a credit of [blank] months & brought ^together with the family sold in Roanoke upwards of $20,000^ thus showing that the slaves of the said Martha while on the premises & under the control of your Orator had so increased in number & appreciated in worth as to have brought upon sale a sum nearly treble their estimated value at the date of the allotment; and this too, inclusive of those before named as retained by the Committee, of several who died & others who were infirm and worthless. This your Orator regards as complete proof that his management of them had been