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both humane & judicious. Your Orator further charges that he delivered to the said Committee, as & for the hires of the said Negroes during the time aforesaid partly in bonds & the residue in money about $1000 or $1500, the precise sum he does not now recollect. All other monies arising from this source collected by your Orator was set specially apart by him for the exclusive use & purposes of the said Martha. It was applied in providing herself such articles of clothing as were not supplied by your Orator, in furnishing her with many things, not absolutely necessary but which he deemed it altogether proper that she should be indulged in, as her estate was most ample & in paying such expenses incident to the proper care & keeping of the said Negroes as were not incurred or paid by your Orator. It would be as impossible for your Orator to account exactly for the disposition of much that was spent of the money belonging to her, which was kept to itself and used only by or for her, as it would be for him to shew the precise sum which he as expended of his own money on her account & for her benefit. He did not pretend to keep exact accounts either with or for her, and his allegations in the premises are therefore, many of them necessarily less particular than would be desirable. This much however he can & does positively aver that he has recd [received] neither from the said Committee nor from any other persons one cent for money expended for clothing or any other article furnished, for services rendered, or for any other consideration whatever herein before mentioned as entitling him to compensation. He is moreover advised