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We Edward C Buck, Pleasant Preston & Samuel McCorkle having in pursuance of an article of submission in writing signed by Wm S. Morris as the admr of Martha Watts dcd & Fleming Saunders bearing date on the 19th day of January 1855 thereto annexed, heard & examined all the testimony added before us by each of said parties touching the matter in continuing in said article contained, including the report of George Wm Dabney & the exceptions thereto & the depositions of witnesses & exhibits filed in the suit in said article of submission mentioned together with other testimony, (the said Fleming Saunders being present by counsel and the said Wm S Morris in person & by counsel,) and having maturely considered the same, are of the opinion upon the whole case submitted, that the accounts between the said parties touching the said matters of controversy are balanced, and that neither party is entitled therefore to recover of the other any thing. And we do award that the bill of Fleming Saunders referred to in the said article of submission be dismissed & that each party pay his own costs in said suit expended. Given under our hands this the 20th day of January Edward C. Buck Pleasant Preston Samuel McCorkle