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Sir Within are the names of the several slaves who were of sufficient age to have been Taxable & Tytheable, where location I wish to ascertain whether in Campbell. Franklin or Floyd as the County & poor rates varied in said Counties - Please extend out opposite to their names where they were kept. - Also ascertain from the Clerks of Franklin & Floyd the amo [amount] assessed to each tytheable for County & Parish levies for the several years from 1837 to 1848 inclusive. - and send to me as soon as practicable. - For some of the years succeeding 1837 up to 1843, I find no separate assessment in my Commr. books in the name of "Martha Watts," and presume the slaves belonging to her were included in your fathers list. - Such may have been the case with there in Franklin & Floyd. - and by separating them as I desire, the number properly chargeable to her may become [at?].

Very truly Geo. W. Dabney

E.W. Saunders Esq Rocky Mount