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Saunders vs Watts Committee } In Chy This day this cause came on to be heard upon the Bill of the Complainants the exhibits filed therewith, and the subpoena awarded against the Defendants William Watts & Edward Saunders Committee of Martha Watts on the [blank] day of [blank] 1851, which appears to have been duly executed, who still fail to appear & answer and was argued by Counsel for the Complainants - Upon consideration whereof it appearing to the Court that more than two months have elapsed since the service of the said subpoena it is ordered that the Plaintiff's Bill be taken for confessed, and the Court doth adjudge order & decree that one of the Commissioners of this Court do take the following [illegible] 1st An account of all monies [illegible] by the Plff for Martha Watts for the hires of slaves belonging to her or on any other account 2d An account of the hires of her slaves detained by the Plff in his service. 3d An Account of the claim of the Plff against the said Martha Watts for her board clothing &c and for all proper expenses attending upon the [illegible] her younger slaves & the support of such as were chargeable by reason of age infirmity, and make report upon thereof to Court with any matters deemed pertinent by himself as required by the Parties to be a stated