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A List of certain slaves belonging to Miss Martha Watts who came into the possession for care & management of Fleming Saunders, the hired of which chargeable to him, on the allowances for their maintenance, have not been referred to in any testimony yet taken, and tis agreed shall be ascertained by testimony taken before the Commr [Commissioner] without farther notice to the parties. (Nor to learn from Exhibit A. B. filed in he Chancery cases of "Watts Comm'e [Committee] vs Watts gdm." pending in Campbell County Court.) No. 11 Maria about 20 years old in 1837- had 3 children subsequently born [illegible]: No 12. Liddy born about '37 or 8- No 13- [illegible] born about 1839 or '40, and No 14. Rachel born about 1842 or 3- all the children noted in memo A.B. as being of little value from [illegible]- Agreed between parties as being just & equitable that Judge Saunders be charged with her hired for 1837-8-9 & 40- and afterwards be allowed for her keeping & that of her children- No. 17 & 18 Mary & child Booker- Mary about 19 years old in 1837- admitted to be a very good negro, but from 1845 to 1849 subject to Rheumatism- child born about 1847 " 19 & 20 Nancy & child Mary Francis- Nancy about 11 years old in 1837- represented as a strong likely woman, but in the habit of running away from every person she was hired to child born about 1846- again pregnant in 1848 " 22. [Juggy?]- wife of Henry (No 21) bought in 1846 by Judge S. for the Et. of Miss Watts on deed of her husband, for $150- being represented then 32 years old an sickly & [illegible]- What hire or allowance? " 45 & 46- Washington (10 years old in 1837) and Martha (9 yrs old in 1837) both retained in the house to wait on Miss Watts and now kept in same situation by order of Court, included in the allowance of $500 for maintenance of their mistress- were also employed on general business of Judge S.' family when not immediately engaged in attendance about