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the person of their mistress- Shall hires be charged against Judge S. and if so, what allowance to him for their board, if any?

Charity a woman who died in 1843 (about the time the last Episcopal Convention was held in Lynchburg) and was appraised in 1836 at $750. (see allotment of Mr. Mary Watts' E& in Demr: 836. She had two children who also died before sale in 1849.

What allowance should be allowed Judge Saunders for the board, and attention to Miss Martha Watts per year- represented as being in a helpless condition mental & physical, requiring the presence at home of some of the white members of the family at all times, and much particularity in the management of her disposition. She having two servants of her own Washington & Martha (Nos. 45 & 46) as above stated to wait on her? Wm A. Clement C.D.