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November 14th 1852 To Edward W. Saunders & William Watts Committee &c of Martha Watts } Notice is hereby given you that on Saturday the 20th day of November 1852 at the Law Office of Peter Saunders Junor; Franklin Court House Va, I shall proceed to take the Depositions of Moses G. Casper & others, to be read as Evidence in a suit in Chancery now depending in the Circuit Court of Campbell Country in which I am Plaintiff and yourselves as Committee of Martha Watts are Defendants. If from any cause the taking of said Depositions should not be commenced or commenced & not completed at this time & place above specified, the taking of the same will be then & there continued from day to day till completed. Fleming Saunders I acknowledge due service of the above notice Wm. Watts Edwd. W. Saunders