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Also the Deposition of Edmund J. Early of lawful age, taken at the same time and place and to be had as evidence in the same suit, the Defendant having been first duly sworn deposeth as follows.. Question by the Plaintiff - What do you think a fair and reasonable allowance for the maintainance of Ned and his family, for thirteen years, immediately preceeding the sale of New London. Answer. Five hundred Dollars. Question by the Defendant. - Were you not present at the sale of Negroes, made by the Defendants, in November 1849, at New London & if so whether you do not think that the services & labor of such a parcel of slaves, could be a full equivalent for the expense of their raising & maintenance for the 13 years preceding that sale? Answer. I do not think it would, having been carefully & kindly raised their value being thereby greatly increased, to have raised them in such a manner as to have maintained themselves, would in my opinion have greatly impaired their value. Edmund J. Early

Campbell County Court, The foregoing Depositions of William H. Horton, Madison Haden, and Edmund J. Early, were severally, taken, subscribed and sworn to by the said Horton, Haden and Early, before me a Justice of the peace for the said County, at the time and place mentioned in the Caption, Given under my hand. Peter Hunter J.P.

Also, the Deposition of Peter Hunter of lawful age taken at the same time and place and to be read as evidence in the same suit, the Deponent having been first duly sworn, deposeth as follows. Question by the Plaintiff- State whether or not