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The depositions of Moses Gleafer [Rothers?] Laker permanant to notice, on the 20th of November 1852 between the hours of sunrise [illegible], at the law office of Peter Saunders Jr, Lawklin Court House Va, to be read as evidence in a suit in Chancery now defending in the Circuit Court of Campbell County in which Fleming Daunders is plaintiff [+?] Edward to Saunders + William Watts as Committee of Martha Watts are defendants. Moses G. Garfer being first duly sworn desposit Harth, Question by Counsel for Def: State whether or not, in the spring of 1849, you were repraoched by the defendant Edward W. Saunders, to look at and estimate the value of keeping training a family of negros, belogning to the estate of Mathat Watts, + if so what stimate you made of the value, Answer - In the spring of 1849, as well as I now remember. Edward W. Saunders requested me to act with two other gentlemen ( F. S. Clabourne + Modes C. Green) to look at and estimate the value of keeping and raising a fmaily og negroes. Represented as Jack's family + belonging to the estate of Martha Watts, and as well as I now recollect, I've estimated the balue of keeping and raising them up to that time, at from hundred dollars over and above the value of services of hires, if any. Question by same, State whether or not