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The Depositions of Josiah Shepperson, William A. Clement & others taken by comment with notice of the Clerks Office of Campbell County Court the 8 day of September to be used as evidence before the Commr. in a certain cause pending in the Circuit Court of Campbell County wherein Fleming Saunders is Plaintiff and Martha Watts' Committee are defendants. Wm. A. Clement in reply to the following question- saith- Question 1st by the Commr. You are shewn a statement (marked C.D.) which [illegible] to be a detailed representation of certain slave of Miss Martha Watts, left in the charge of Judge Saunders the plaintiff, in 1837, and kept (with some exceptions) until 1849- with their ages, [illegible] &c. Please examine if, and from it say what should be Maria's hire for 1937. 8. 9 & 40 and what thereafter to 1849 should be allowed Judge S. for keeping her & her children? What hires or allowances for keeping should be fixed on as right and equitable in the case of Mary & her child Booker? What hires allowed for Nancy & child? What hires or allowance for Juggy? What hires or allowance for Washington & Martha on whether any ? or whether you will include the matter in the estimate below [illegible] for the board & keeping of their invalid mistress? & What hires for Charity? Answer I would say that Maria ought to hire for $25 a year for the years 37 and 38 and $18 a year for 39 and 40 and that allowance should be made to Judge Saunders for keeping said negro and 3 children from the year 1840 to 49 the sum of $25 for years. Mary should hire from 37 to 45 at an average of about $30 a yaer after 45 no hire should be paid for [illegible] Nancy for the first 3 years nothing from 40 to 47. Judge Saunders out to be charged with $120 hire of allowance