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11. [Continuation of previous page] [[Statement of the names of purchasers of slaves of Martha Watts sold November 20th 1849 at November, with the amount & date of their several bonds & the Securities thereto.

[Four columns:] Purchasers, Date of bond, Amt, & Securities.]]

Hilary G Richardson, Nov 20, 1849, 675.00, T. W. Ritchie, Temple D Richardson & Saml McDearman. John W Ritchie, Nov 20, 1849, 2445.00, H.G Richardson, Temple D Richardson & S.D. McDearman. Saml D. McDearman, Nov 20, 1849, 4285.00, Temple D Richardson, Jas. Cobbs, JW.Ritchie & H. G. Richardson. James Shanks, Nov 20, 1849, 2450.00 David Wade & D C. Shanks. Peter Hunter, Nov 20, 1849, 750.00 Edmund J Early & Robert Hunter. James M Robertson, Nov 21, 1849, 260.00, S.F. Robertson. William S. Morriss Nov 24, 1849, 750.00, Richard K. Cralls. William H. Huton, Nov 30, 1849, 110.00, Nathan Speece.

Whole amount of bonds. $17.625.00. Whole amount of bonds of sale made at Big Lick $26.270.00. Amount of both sales $43.895.00 Deduct the price of Daniel belonging to Judge Saunders 990.00. [total] $42,905.00.

At a Court held for Campbell County January 14th 1850. The foregoing Lists of Sales was returned into Court and Ordered to be recorded. Teste Geo Wm Dabney ck A Copy Teste Geo. Wm Dabney ck