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Martha Watts Committee Vs Martha Watts &c This day Her cause came on again to be heard, on the papers formerly read, and the Reports of Wm. Watts & Edward W. Saunders, (her Committee heretofore appointed of the person & property of the said Martha Watts), of the sales of Negroes made by them in pursuance of the order of this Court, the first made on the 30th of April 1849 at the Big Lick in the County of Roanoke, the second on the 20th day of November 1849 at New London in the County of Campbell & of 7 Negroes sold by them privately at their time of the last Sale, along with the Bonds taken by them for the Negros sold, which are returned to Court along with a List of the Negros sold, of the prices & of the Purchasers, & also a List of the amounts of the several Bonds, with the Securities thereto for Consideration whereof, the Court, approving the Sales made by said Committee, doth Confirm the same with the Reports & doth order that said Reports be entered in the Records of the Court. It is further ordered that said Committee do withdraw said Bonds & collect the same as they fall due, by Suit or otherwise & report their collection to this Court, in order that directions may hereafter be given as the mode of investing the Money.