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2 old died, & two others were born to wit, Mary child of Isbell, & Missouri a child of [Ebe, these two Mary & Missouri are reported as sold, making 56 on the lands of Edward Watts at the time of the sale instead of 55. as stated in the report heretofore made by us; Before selling them, we supplied these negroes with proper clothing, at some cost to the estate of our ward; but we were justified in so doing, by both policy & humanity, they sold we think remarkably well & are all pleased to state that they were purchased, for the most part by persons, who will treat them with kindness & humanity; We also annex hereto a statement of the Bonds of the several purchases with their securities, every debt we believe to be perfectly good, the bonds we now return to Court, subject to its order * ask its direction as to their collection & the investment of the money when collected, The negroes sold from the lands of Flemming Saunders at this time are the 11 last named on the List of sale now returned Wm [William] Watts Edwd [Edward] W. Saunders

Statement of the negroes sold by us as Committee of Martha Watts at the Big Sick, Roanoke County on the 30th day of April 1849- of the prices which they brought, & of the names of the Purchases, No. Names of Negroes Prices Purchases 1 Hector $00.00 2 Isbell 00.00 3 Henry 660 " Saml [Samuel] Henry Early 4 William 285 " Edward Watts 5 George 125 " Edward Watts 6 Ishmael 175 " Edward Watts 7 Ebey 235 " Joseph Thanklin 8 Jefrey 9 Charity 10 John 11 Patrick 12 Adam } Sold