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Purchaser Date Bonds Amt. Securities S. Saml. H Early Apl 30th 1849 $6640.00 John S Hale S. John W Ritchie Do 2470.00 H. G. Richardson & Temple D. Richardson C Hilary G Richardson Do 3015 " John W Ritchie & Temple D Richardson x Richard K Cralle Do 2105 " William S Morriss x Flemming Saunders Do 3285 " Edward Watts c Edward Watts Do 3430 " Cary Breckenridge x Wm H French Do 855 " Guy D French c Wm Pettit Do 880 " Elijah McClannahan Sen S David [Deyule?] Do 825 " Benjamin [Deyule?] c Jas C. [Deyule?] Do 850 " Joseph [Deyule?] c Joseph K Shanklin Do 235 " A. J. [Deyule?] c Jno J Johnston Do 750 " Douglas B [Sayers?] c Ira Jeter May 9th 1849 930 " Powel H Huff Total amt of Bonds $26:270: 00 Wm Watts Edw'd W Saunders

2nd Sale To the worshipful County Court of Campbell, Wm Watts and Edward W Saunders the Committee appointed at a former Term of this Court of the person & property of Martha Watts would respectfully report: That by the authority & in pursuance of the order of this Court made at its February Term 1849, between themselves Plaintiffs & the said Martha Watts, Deft & represented by her Guardian ad litem William S Morriss they proceeded on the 20th day of November 1849 at the town of New London in Campbell County to sell at public auction, on a credit of 12 months, another portion of the slaves of their Ward, in addition to those