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7 who was necessarily parted from several of her children, had they been exposed at public auction, they would have brought no more money & in all human probability would have been entirely separated from their mother- The two others sold privately to wit. Patsy & Rachael also purchased by Dr. Wm L. Morriss for $250:00 & scrofulus [scrofula - tuberculosis] & are we think valueless, certainly neither of us would consent to take them & keep them as our property, they are the children of Maria & by separating them from their mother & sister Lydia who show no appearance of disease, we were enabled to obtain $790:00 for Maria & Lydia making $1040:00 for Maria and her three children, which we regard as an exorbitant price. In addition to this we were afraid of injuring the sale of the remainder of the negroes, by exposing to sale at public auction Patsy & Rachael, both having the most decided and unmistakable indications of scrofula & believe that we saved to the estate of our Ward a large amount of money by disposing of them privately, Dr. Morriss bought with full information of the condition of the negroes & cannot complain. We did not offer for sale two of the negroes formerly reported to this Court as on the lands of Flemming Saunders because they are wholly valueless, the one Dinah being old & infirm & the other Mourning being diseased. We have made an arrangement with Flemming Saunders for their comfortable maintenance during life, we paying herein the sum of $150:00 (see papers marked B.B.) Five others reported by us to the Court we find upon investigation are not the absolute property of our Ward Martha Watts, but are only hers during her natural life, we did not therefore offer them for sale, it not being in our power to make to the purchaser a good title. Their names are Nancy & Mary with their children Frances & Booker & Martha. In addition to the four old & infirm negroes (two of them mentioned in our report of the sale at the Big Lick) & the five last mentioned we have retained 7 others to wit. Washington, Polley, Martha & Eliza with her children James, Lewis, & Martha, we retained them in order to ensure to our Ward the attendance of competent & faithful servants during life. It will be seen from our statement of the negroes sold, that a man named Daniel was sold with Maria & Lydia, he did not belong to our Ward