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D[ebto]r. Martha Watts In Account with Edward W Saunders one of her committee Cr[editor]

1849 Feb 5 To this sum deposited with Fleming Saunders to pay necessary expenses} 142 46 Apr 30 " expenses moving negroes from Franklin to Big Lick for sale} 8 " Nov 1 " expenses moving negroes from Floyd to New London for sale 30 Nov. 1849} 15 " 30 " paid L. E. Williams services as Crier at sale 10 " 1850 Jan 1 " " Wm Hairston for medical services to slaves Patsy + Madison} 9 50 Mar 3 " " A. W. C. Terry for advertizing sale of slaves in Danville Register} 5 " Oct 13 " " account of John T. Davis for articles purchased for slaves prior to sale} 20 67 " comm on $293.73 @ 5 pr Ct. 14 68 " amo to bal cr. 68 42 293 73

1849 Feb 5 By amt received of Fleming Saunders for hire of slaves } 142 46


Oct 13 " this sum collected upon various bonds placed in our hands by Fleming Saunders for hire of negroes while in his possession} 131 35 14 " cash of Wm H [Horton?], being balance due on bond due 1 Jany 1850 $35 after paying account of Ed. Carter $13 for articles furnished negroes on day of sale Int. 92 c} 19 92 293 73 1850 Oct 13 By balance in hand of Commee. due M. W. 68 42

Acting under a special reference by Campbell County Court to me as Commr. I report the foregoing as a true statement of the transactions of Edward W. Saunders as Committee of Martha Watts, as far as materials were produced before me for stating them. - The bulk of the transactions of the Committeeship having been lately settled by me in a report of the account of Wm Watts (the other Committee) with the Estate of his ward, by order of the same court, this therefore is a mere partial or supplemental account of items not embraced in the aforesaid general settlement. Most respectfully submitted, Geo. Wm Dabney, Spl. Comr.

In Campbell County Court. February term 1851. The foregoing account was presented in Court, and filed for exceptions, and at a court held at March term following the same was again produced to the court and no exceptions being taken thereto, was ordered to be recorded. Teste Geo Wm Dabney C.