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1st To the Worshipful County Court of Campbell County Wm. Watts & Edward W. Saunders, the Committee appointed at a former Term of this Court, of the person & property of Martha Watts, would respectfully report. That by the authority & in pursuance of the Order of this Court, made at its February Term 1849, between themselves Committee &c, Plaintiffs & Martha Watts by her Guardian ad Litem William L. Morris Defendant, after giving four weeks notice of the time & places of sale, in the News-Papers, published in the Town of Fincastle. To wit the Valley Whig & the Fincastle Democrat, in three published in the Town of Lynchburg, To wit the Lynchburg Virginian, the Virginia Patriot & South-Western Advocate & the Lynchburg Republican - in Two published in the City of Richmond To wit the Richmond Whig & Public Advertiser & the Richmond Enquirer (article appear by the respective affidavits of one of the Publishers of each of those Papers herewith exhibited & file) & also in the Wytheville Republican, published at Wythe Court House & the Abingdon Virginian, published in the Town of Abingdon, they proceeded on the 30th Day of April 1849 at the Big Lick in the County of Roanoke to sell at public auctions on a Credit of 12 months a portion of the Slaves of Martha Watts. Our append hereto a list of the Slaves sold, of the prices which they brought & of the Purchasers. It will be seen in examining said list that two of the Negroes offered for sale To wit Hector & Isbel were not sold. They are both old, infirm & valueless & we have since made an arrangement with Genl Edward Watts, by which he undertakes to keep and maintain them for the sum of $50.00 per annum, for furnishing their clothing (See paper marked Z.) It will also be seen by the Court, that we endeavored, as far as we thought it practicable & proper, to carry out its humane requirement to see the Negroes in families. We in no instance separated Husband & Wife & sold all children under the age of 12 years with their Mothers. Of these Negros, all except 11, were those heretofore reported to the Court as on the Lands of Edward Watts, the remainder were from the Lands of Fleming Saunders in the County of Franklin. After or a short time before (whether before or after is not certainly known) that Report was filed, one of the Negroes named therein To wit Amy a child of Jessy & Charity 1 year old died & two others when born