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Statement of the Purchasers of Slaves of Martha Watts, at a Sale made at the Big-Lick April 30th 1849 - with the amount & date of their Bonds & of the Securities thereto. Purchasers Date of Bonds Amt Securities Saml. H. Early Apr 30th 1849 $6640.00 John S. Hale John W. Ritchie D[itt]o 2470.00 H. G. Richardson & Temple D. Richardson Hilary G. Richardson Do. 3015.00 John W. Ritchie & Temple D. Richardson Richard K. Cralle Do. 2105.00 William S. Morris Fleming Saunders Do. 3285.00 Edward Watts Edward Watts Do 3430.00 Cary Breckenridge Wm. H. French Do. 855.00 Guy D. French Wm. Pettit Do. 880.00 Elijah McClanahan Sen. David Deyerle Do. 825.00 Benjamin Deyerle Jas. C. Deyerle Do. 850.00 Joseph Deyerle Joseph K. Shanklin Do. 235.00 A. J. Deyerle Jno. J. Johnston Do. 750.00 Douglas B. [Layne?] Ira Jeter May 9th 1849 930.00 Powell H. Huff

Total Amt of Bonds $26270.00

Wm Watts Edwd. W. Saunders

At a Court held for Campbell County January 14th 1850 The foregoing List of Sales was returned to Court and ordered to be recorded Teste Geo W Dabney, ck