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-tion are not the absolute property of our ward Martha Watts but are only hers during her natural life. We did not therefore offer them for sale, it not being our power to make it the purchaser a good title. Their names are Nancy & Mary, with their children Francis & Booker & Martha. In addition to the four old & infirm Negroes (two of them mentioned in our report of the sale at the Big Lick) & the five (5) last mentioned we have retained seven (7) others To Wit Washington, Polly, Martha & Eliza with her Children James, Lewis & Martha. We retained them in order to ensure to our Ward the attendance of competent & faithful Servants during life. It will be sure from our Statement of the Negroes sold, that a man named Daniel was sold with Maria & Lydia. He did not belong to our Ward, but to Judge Fleming Saunders & he was sold to prevent his separation from his wife Maria. Before the sale we made all arrangements with Judge Saunders by which the price of all three Negroes was apportioned between us. By this arrangement we get $790.00 for Maria & her child Lydia & Judge Saunders $990.00 for Daniel, who was a blacksmith & valuable Servant. The entire amount of $1780.00, is included in the Bond executed to us by the Purchaser John. W, Ritchie & Judge Saunders will be credited by us with his portion thereof $990.00 on the settlement of his own Bond. Of course he incurs the same risque with ourselves of the loss of the debt - the risque however we consider as almost nothing. We append hereto a statement of the Purchasers - the amount & date of this Bond & the names of their Securities The Bonds we now return to Court & ask its direction as to their collection & the mode of investing the money when collected. We suppled these Negroes as we did those sold at the Big Lick with proper clothing & disposed of them as far as practicable in families, not having separated husbands & wives or children under the age of 12 years from their Mothers.

                                                                                                                                                                               Wm Watts                                                                                                                                         Edward W. Saunders