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Stewarts distributers vs. Thompson & others This day this course again came on to be heard on the papers formerly read & was agreed by counsel and it appearing to the court that the order made at the last October time of this court inventory a sale of the {illegible} coming up of that portion of {Str??hs} Thompsons real estate has not been executed in consequence of the death of A.B. Spooner who was appointed commissr of court to make said sale. One {illegible} {illegible} whereof the court doth adjudge and in and decree that the said decree of the last October term be amended in this to wit. That R.K. Meade & R. R. {?od?} within of whom may act be and they are duly appointed commissioners of this court to carry said decree into effect who is to proceed in all respects as is therein directed & make report &e.