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Stewarts distributees vs. Thompson & others This cause came on this day to be further heard on the papers formerly served and on the report of Commissioner Collier was argued by counsel On consideration whereof. This court confirming said report to which there is on exception doth adjudge order and decree that the Commissioner Th. R. Collier who made the sale in this cause shall on full payment of the purchase money make ordered to the purchaser from said land and [illegible] it. the proceeds as collected in one of the Savings Banks [illegible] of this County and that it be referred to one of the commissioners of this Court to [illegible] into and report the claims to which the proceeds of sale of the land are liable and the persons who are entitled to receive the same and that the commissioner give notice of the time and place of the taking said accounts by advertisement of a [week?] for 4 weeks in some news paper in the city of [illegible].