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Morgan vs Thompson's admor - Report of sale - The undersigned one of the Commissioners appropriated by the decree in this cause of the 20th Septr.1837, to make sale of the real estate therein mentioned, proceeded in the month of December last to give notice of the time and place of the sale, in strict pursuance of said decree. He had been requested to have such notice given & published by the other Commissioner L. C. Bouldin, & he accordingly prepared a notice signed by the names of both Commissioners, had the same published in the Richmond Enquirer and in the Petersburg Intelligencer and had hand bills printed and circulated about the counties of Dinwiddie and Nottoway & stuck up at the public places in the neighborhood of the land, appointing the 16th day of January 1838 as the day of sale - At the time this notice was thus published & given, the undersigned did not think of the situation of the other Commissioner, who was a member of the Senate of Virginia, and it did not in fact occur to him at all, that the said Bouldin was a member of the Senate - Before the day of sale, however, he had an interview with said Bouldin, who stated, that it would not probably be in his power to attend the sale on the day appointed, on account of his public duties. The undersigned then informed him, that he would attend on the day of sale, and be governed by circumstances as to making a sale. It was not in the power of said Bouldin to attend the sale, but the undersigned attended on the day and at the place appointed, Darvills store in this county: The day was very pleasant and fine & sale was very well attended, & it was thought very improbable, by those in the neighborhood best capable of judging, that a larger company would at any time assemble, if the sale was postponed. This Commissioner also considered, that if the sale should not take place, 'till the other Commissioner could attend, it would be too late in the spring for the purchasers to raise any crops the present year - He therefore proceeded with the sale, and