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Know all men by these presents, that I, Henry J. Brown, son, of Moses Brown decd & late of Davidson County Tennessee, having duly quallified as Executor of the said Moses Brown, in the state and county aforesaid, and also having quallified as administrator, of the said Moses Brown, in the County of Dinwiddie, Virginia, and being one of the Legates [Legatees] of the said Brown, and by due, and full authority, from all the other Legates of the said Moses Brown, Gave (In Consideration of the sum of one Hundred, & fifty, Dollars, to me in Hand paid, by Thomas Berry, of the County of Dinwiddie, the Recpt, whereof is hereby acknowledged, granted, bargained, & sold, assigned, Transferred, & set over, and by these Presents, do hereby, grant, bargain, sell, Transfer, assign, and set over unto the said Thomas Berry, his Executors & administrators, all the Interest, Claim or demand, of myself and all the said Legates of Moses Brown decd, in the Estate of Thomas Stewart decd formerly of Dinwiddie County Va to all intents, and in all respects, as I or they, had, or were Entitled to the same; and herey [hereby[ authorise, & require any person, or persons, whether the [Council?] in the case, or the Sheriff, or any other person, to pay over to the said Thomas Berry or his attny [attorney], or agent, all such interests, in the Estate, of said Thomas Stewart, as I or the other Legatees, are Entitled to, and Recpt acquittance, or discharge, of said Berry or his atty, or agent, shall be fully & Effectively binding upon me & them as if the same was Executed by all of us severally: At