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give twenty days notice of the time and place of sale, fixing the same at their desertion, in some newspaper printed in the town of Petersburg and City of Richmond, and by advertisement at the front door of the courthouse of said county on same court day [auterior?] to the sale, and at one or more public places near the situation of said land: that they take from the purchaser or purchasers good and sufficient bonds with approved security or securities for the purchase money, and that the title to said land be held till the purchase money is paid; and the said commissioners are directed to report their proceedings to this event; and the court doth further adjudge, order and decree, that as to the open account claims stated and reported in the report of the commisssioner, that it be referred to the commissioner to receive after due noted, evidence of the same and to report to the next court, what accounts shall be duly proved, and to return with the report the evidence to support the same. and the same commissioner is directed to report the value of the land received by the defendants Ferguson & wife and the price for which they sold the same and the date of the payments, with any matters especially stated, deemed pertinent by himself, or which may be required by the parties to be so stated. A copy, Teste Jno. P. Crump C