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At a court held for Mecklenburg county at the court house thereof on the 19th June 1843 the foregoing power of attorney was this proved in open court by the oath of William D Wallone the subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded Teste R B Baptist CC

At a Court held fro Dinwiddie County on the 21st day of August 1843 This Letter of Attorney from Anthony Chavon's & Rebecca Chaoconolies wife to James Drew, was presented in Court, and together with the certificate annexed of the Clerk of Mecklenburg County Court, ordered to be recorded Teste. Jno: P: Crump C.C. I do hereby assign the within Power of attorney over to Thomas Berry given under my hand this 1st day of Decr. 1843 James Drew atty in [fast?]

101 Anthony Chavos & Wife to { Power of Atty. James Drew 1843 June 19th Pro & OR Recorded & Examined Teste R B Baptist C.C. 1843 A