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John L. Morgan Stith Thompson's aduir.. Commissioner Hargrave's office [illegible] February 23rd 1836. The Commissioner respectfully reports to the court, that in compliance with the order made in this case on the 19th day of September 1835, he has enquired, stated and settled on account of the yearly profits of the real estate of Stith Thompson dec,, agreeably to the testimony of William H. Cousins and Col. Robert Tucker, (which he humbly conceives to be as good as any, that can at this time be obtained) per affidavet herewith returned from which he finds the real estate of which Stith Thompson dies seized, to be worth in actual cash, the amount of Five Thousand dollars; and the profits arising from said real Estate worth yearly the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars_ making the amount of the yearly profits due on the 31st day of December 1835, seven hundred and fifty dollars (see statement of the same on page the 3rd) The Commissioner also reports that he finds the real estate as aforesaid to have been divided by Commissioners (among the distributors of the said Stith Thompson dec...) who acted under a decree of the County Court of Dinwiddie as per decree and report of said Commssioners, now in the Cheifs Office of said County, from which report of he finds the Commissioner as aforesaid, have assigned to Sarah B. Thompson (widow of the said Stith Thomoson dec..) 617 acres including the Mansion House of which she now holds at this time, in right of her dower of the real estate as aforesaid: The balance of said real estate he finds divided into lots, and assigned to severall distributores as aforesaid, Lot No 1 containing 350 acres assigned to William Ferguson in the right of his wife