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Martha S. P. (formerly Thompson) which they have sold to Wm. B. Thompson (per deed of record) now in possession. Lot No. 2. containing 412 acres, assigned to Samuel S. Morgan in right of his Mother Mary E. Morgan decd. (formerly Thompson) which lot John L. Morgan has sold to Wm. B. Thompson upon certain conditions as the acting guardian of Samuel S. Morgan, (no legal right made) to said Thompson, but is held and cultivated by him as his own - Lot No. 3, containing 395 acres assigned to Charles C. S. Thompson, son of the said Stith Thompson decd. which Lot of land is now under the control of his guardian Sarah B. Thompson, and Lot No. 4, containing 215 acres, assigned to William W. Thompson also a son of the said Stith Thompson decd. (which Lot includes the Mill) This lot Sarah B. Thompson (guardian of the said Wm. W. Thompson) has leased out to William H. Cousins a term of six years, the said Cousins having obligated himself in an instrument of writing to put the Mill on said lot of land, in complete repair, for the use or benefit of said Mill, during the term of years as aforesaid, at the expiration of which time the said Cousins is to give up the same, to Sarah B. Thompson guardian as aforesaid. Four years of the said term has nearly expired. By reference to the order of Court herewith returned the partner concerned will perceive that those of them, who were required to attend before the Commissioner, to aid him in making out this report, were duly served with the necessary notice for that purpose. In relation to them the commissioner finally reports that only the defendants attended before him in conformity thereto: all which is respectfully submitted. — J. E. Hargrave Comr. Commissioner's fee $3.50 charged to the admor. of S. Thompson decd.