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Stewart's Distributees &c vs. [illegible] } Note for Decree This Cause, in which the Bill has been [illegible] [illegible] [illegible], against S. W. Morgan an [illegible] Defendant, against whom the plaintiffs have provided in the mode prescribed by Law as to absent defendants, & also against Martha S. Fergusson, on whom the process apprears to have been duly served, came on this [illegible] to be heard on the Bill, the [illegible] & [illegible] on answer of [illegible] S. [illegible] & Mrs. W. [illegible] on [illegible] of the papers in the Case of [illegible] vs. Thompson, as farr as was deemed necessary by the Court, & was [illegible] by Counsel. on consideration whereof, the Court [illegible] now making any decree, except as to the Sale of the interest of the defendants in the land mentioned in the [illegible], [illegible] judge, order & decree, that A. B. [illegible] hereby appointed a Commissioner whose duty it shall be to proceed to sell, at public Auction to the highest bidder, the interest of the said defandants in the [illegible] Land in the Bill & proceedings mentioned on the forthcoming Terms. For so much Cash as will pay the expenses of the Sale & Conveyance & the Costs of the plaintiffs in this Cause. and for the balance of the purchase