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Stewarts distributors Thompson [illegible] reports The undersigned, who was co-commisioner with R. K. Meade {Ery?] under the decree in this cause, the said Commissioner being authorized to act singly, proceeded on the 19th of Nov. 1855, at Dinwiddie Court Home to office for sale by auction the interest in the certain tract of land directed to be sold by the decree in the said came at October term 1853, and that at the offering so made after due advertisement of the time, place and terms of sale, Charles C. S. Thompson became the purchaser at the highest bid made towith; three dollars an acre, the tract containing six hundred + seventeen acres, the terms being one hundred dollards cash and the balance in two equal payments of Eight hundred + seventy five dollars + fifty cents each, the one at six months and the other at twelve months. For the deferred payments Mr. Thompson the purchaser has given to the undersigned the two notes of Abraham Morrick endurred by Mr. Corbin Morrick, both of Richmond City, and said notes being negotiable are in Bank for Collection - The cash payment is dispond of as follows. R.R. Collins to cash payments. $100.00 [illegible] by this Sam pd. the Auctioneer. $5.00 """"""" Peterburg Intelligence 15.25 """""""