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ally dropping into the ground, & it is now very important to them to procure as soon as possible the amounts due from the Estate of said Stith Thompson, & for that purpose to have a Sale under the decree of your Honor of the Reversionary Interest of the heirs of said S. Thompson in said Dower lands That they know the Widow, who is still in good health & likely to live many years, is willing said Sale should be decreed, & they have heard that such is the desire of her sons. In tender consideration of the premises & for as much as your Complainants are without remedy save in this Court, To the End therefore that Samuel S. Morgan, Martha S. Fergusson Charles S. Thompson & Wm. W. Thompson only heirs of Stith Thompson dec'd may be made defendants hereto & full answer make to the allegations aforesaid, That a Commissioner may be appointed to sell the Reversionary interest of said heirs of Stith Thompson, in the Dower Estate now held by their mother in on such Credit as shall be deemed reasonable by your Honor, & that the proceeds of such Sale may be decreed to be applied towards the payment of the debt now due your Complainants & the other Creditors in said Cause, who have not been fully paid, so far as such proceeds will extend. And that your Honor would grant to your Complainants such further & [page torn] relief in the premises, as equity dictates & the peculiar nature of their Case may require &c. May it please &c. Spooner & Collier X That Samuel S. Morgan is the only child & heir of his mother Mary E. Morgan formerly Thompson & Martha S. Fergusson formerly Thompson is still alive her husband being dead.

Stewarts Distributees &c. vs. Thompson &c. Bill & Petition