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they wont let us for we have to much to do I will send you a picture of me as soon as I get the chance, Hellen I haven't heard from Dora in about to weeks now I told her not to write to me any more for I wasnt going to answer them I also told her to go fishing with her boy friend she wrote me back telling me that she hasnt ben with any one but me so I dont believe her I do know one thing Papa got the best and the sweetest woman in the world and I had bet not here any one talked about you for there will be a fight, I sure do wish that I was at home when Inez and Junior came in I would gave them a piese of my mind; that hurts and the way they are treating you and Papa. when I got your letter and read it I laid on my bed and starting crying I didnt think Junior would do a thing like that as much trouble as you went while he was there [vertically along left side] well this is all I can think of now so Lots of Love Lawrence P S Tell Sammy I said hello