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Stafford Ss Aprill the 21 1699

In obedience to his Excellency Comand and an order of this Corte baring date the 12 of this Instante Aprill we the subscribers have Beene with the Emperor of Pisscattaway att his forte and did there Comand him in his Majties name to meete his Excellency in a genrall Assemble of this his Majties most antient Colloney and Dominion of Virginia; the ffirst of May next or two or three dayes before with sume of great men As soone as we had delivered ^ his Excellency Comands the Emperor sumons all his Indians thatt was then att the forte being in all aboute twenty men; after consultation of about two owers they told us were very Bussey and Could nott possibley Come or goe downe; butt if his Excellency would be pleased to Come to him with sume of his great men; should be glad to see him; and their his Exclly might speake whatt he hath to say to him; & if his Exlly Could nott come himsealfe, then to send sume of his greatt men ffor he desired nothing butt peace: They Live on an island in the middle of Potomack River its aboutt a mile long or sumthing Better and aboute a quarter of a mile wide in the Broaddis place the forte stands att ye upper End of the Island butt nott quite ffinnished & theire the Island is nott above two hundred and ffifty yards over the bankes are about 12 ffoot high and very heard [hard] to assend; Just att ye lower end of the Island is Lower Land and Little or noe Bank; against the upper end of the Island stand two small Island the one on Merriland side the other on this side which is of a bout fore akers of Land & within two hundred yards of the ffoorte, the other smaller and sumthing nearer both ffirme Land; & from the Maine to the fforte is aboute foure hundred yards att least nott fforddable Exscepe in a vary dry time; the forte is aboute ffifty or sixty yardes square; and theire is Eighteene Cabbins in the fforte and nine