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A jornall of Our Proseeding Novebe ye 3th 1699

In Obediance to Command we the subscribers sett oute of the Inhabitance towards the Indian ffort: and that night we lay at the suggerland. On the ffourth day abot two a Clock we gott to the River side oppisett to the ffort & there hollered & Immeadeatly they answerd: they semd to us to be in a great ffright: At last one of the great men & one Siniker came over to us: they asked if they was noe more of us: wee told them noe: wee asked them for a Canaeu they told us they had none soe we ventred to Ride into the Island: and passed over very well: the Empror and his Indians recevd us Very Kindly: & carred us into the ffort: thire is of them about Thirty men: thire ffort is slender. they pretended to be in great ffeare of strange Indians: wee asked them what Indians: the told us Wittowees: Wee asked them if they had seene any latly: & they told us some of thire Women had seene Tenn: that Kild one of thire Indians and flead anothers head: wee asked the Emporor if any of his Indians had beene any great March this Summer he told us noe: only he himselfe & some of his men had beene oute towards the great Mountains twice to see for the strange Indians but could not see any of them: he told us that Suscahannes had taken two of them & brought them to his ffort: he asked what nation they weare: and they told him Wittowees - he told us his men had beene out and mett with two of them & Kild one of them Cut offe his head & brought it to him. Wee asked him if he was not afraid to luve thire: he told us yes: but could not helpe it he said he could willing come to luve amonst the English agane but that he was afraid the strainge Indians

[in pencil] 213 F12 22 1